Durban Again

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It’s no secret I’ve been quite eager for Eid this year, as I’d be spending it with my family in Durban. The trip and weather was great (much warmer than freezing Cape Town) and seeing everybody was simply fantastic! Naturally I just had to take a few shots of my surroundings. Using SnapSeed, I’ve transformed the look of my photos a bit for a new dimension.

Durban South Coast

High up in the sky

Pretty flower in the back garden

Calendar image of rhinos

My African Grey Parrot
My pet African Grey who resides in Durban

bouquet of flowers for Eid

Wakaberry at GateWay

What’s Eid without sweetmeats? Some barfee my sister had made.

Feeling a little nostalgic now.

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  1. saadiyah

    Love the pics! Just downloaded snapseed! Need to go take some pics…think I shall experiment with lunch tomorrow 😉

  2. Dhezel

    Wow, amazing perspective of Durbs… I love all those pics, my wakaberry cup would be filled with way more chocolate though lol **BeamingChocoholic ** looking forward to reading more 😀

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