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In between my 10-seasons-of-Smallville marathon, I’ve been spending time (too much, perhaps) playing QuizUp: a free social trivia game available on iOS. It only released in November 2013 and already has over a whopping 5 million active users.

If you think you aren’t one for trivia games, QuizUp will change your mind. It’s highly addictive, with more than 150 000 questions spread across 300+ quiz topics like General Knowledge, Movies, Educational, Lifestyle, Science and more. The topics go in depth and offer questions specifically on an aspect that falls under the chosen topic. For example, you can find questions on Harry Potter, Batman, Bollywood and Disney under Movies. The exciting part of it all is that you play live with other users who are online and looking for a game in the same topic as you are. You also have the choice of playing with your friends and challenging them to a rematch.


Each game you play consists of 7 questions totalling 160 points that takes about 2 minutes to complete. The quicker you respond to the correct answer, the higher your score out of 20 per question. The final question has 2x bonus points – a lifesaver when you think you’re about to lose the game! Bonus points are also awarded to the player who finishes the game & wins.


As you complete each game, you accumulate points that count toward your ranking. These are shown in levels. Once you have reached level 10 on any topic, you’ll be congratulated and given a title that will appear on your profile (“Wordmatician” above). New titles are given each time you reach another 10 levels up. You can also get congratulated on other achievements such as your first hat-trick, winning 100 games, playing against users from all continents, playing 500 games and so on.

Want to play? Here’s what you need to do:QuizUp_Logo

  • Download QuizUp (it’s free)
  • Log on via Facebook or create one with your email address
  • Update your profile: add a profile image, details about yourself
  • Browse through the topics available
  • Pick a topic & get started!

Every time you log on to play, new and / improved topics are highlighted at the top as a heads up. I find QuizUp to be quite user-friendly with a colourful appearance and basic layout. The background music is modern and somewhat funky. If you want to get more involved, you can contribute your own questions toward the game’s Q&A database.

Playing QuizUp yet? Let me know what you think of it!

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  1. That is a good concept. It seems like you are in a game show or contest. The app. brings this feeling to your hand.

    Your write up about the app. is great!

  2. love the game. and you can’t beat smallville, enjoy

  3. This app. Best. Thing. Ever. 🙂

  4. A glorious app indeed

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