Being Realistic About New Year’s Resolutions

resolutionsI’ve recently returned from a wonderful holiday to find my Twitter, Facebook and other social networking applications filled with people’s ‘New Year’s Resolutions’: “I’ll eat less take out and more healthy” “Be nicer to those around me” “Laugh more, stress less”. Although these resolutions sound quiet good and may lead to a happier, and healthier, life – why wait for the New Year to decide how to improve your situation?

It is a common activity and I often wonder how many people who’ve made these resolutions stick to them, for how long and at which point do they decide to give up or slack and why. There is a reason why I dislike New Year’s Resolutions, not because everybody’s talking about it and it’s all I hear of in December / January, but because there shouldn’t be a reason to start something different purely because it’s a new year. If you wish to improve something in particular, make a decision as soon as you’ve come to the best solution for your situation. And try to implement immediately.

Call me a skeptic, but I’m yet to meet a handful of people who have achieved their New Year’s resolutions and are completely satisfied. And while you may think that making an intention is good – to which it is, deep within that intention should exist a determination… A will to get it done.

Waiting for a celebratory moment to drop the bomb or make even a minor change to your life may come across as exciting and infuses an enthusiasm for new beginnings, but life is worth more than waiting for the perfect moment as we are unaware if it may come or not.

Think I’ve missed the point? Let me know, I’d love to hear your side 🙂

NB: The ‘new year’s resolutions’ I write about above include only resolutions that are important to one’s well-being, and does not include humorous or lighthearted resolutions.

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7 Responses

  1. YellowCable

    I completely agreed with your thinking about the new year resolution. I abandoned making ones a long time back for all the reasons you stated. You should try them immediately when you found yourself that you should be doing the right thing rather than waiting for a new year or even tomorrow. Keeping them is another matter entirely.

    Happy New Year.

    • Saajida

      That’s very true! It’s not a difficult task to make an excellent decision, our success lies in our level of commitment to achieving that goal.

      Thank you 🙂 Happy New Year to you too! Hope you’re having a good one.

  2. Menaka

    I completely agree with you, I’m not one for setting New Year resolutions either. Why wait? Apparently we owe this habit to our Roman ancestors…they used to pray to one of their Gods (Janus: the God of new beginnings) that they will behave better in the next 12 months than they had in the past!

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