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  1. sgs2

    Good take on account activity. I guess there will always be the pros and cons.

  2. Saajida

    Thanks 🙂
    Yes true. Personally, even though the content of my activities online are far from disturbing, I am not comfortable with being followed / tracked. As much as I do think it’s good to have this option, it should only be carried out with the consent of the account holder.

  3. journeyman1977

    freaks me out on gmail for example, when I’ve just mentioned a particular subject, that it appears on one of those ridiculous ads…lol took me a while to cotton on to what was what:) yes, I’m rather slow on the uptake.

    • Saajida

      lol! I only took notice after a guy in my tutorial was telling our tutor about that. And then I started noticing the ads on the side… freaky indeed.

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